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Diary of a Corper: NYSC, Ebola and other things

I remember going to check the postings at the board behind the Students Affairs building after a wonderful night with Alien Nation UI. Ikechi’s covenant was explosive! Very creative performances from start to finish; I had a good time there. After the program, my friends and I strolled to the board still discussing how great the dancers were, we got to the board and I saw GB against my name, I wanted to jump up and say ‘Ope ooo, I was posted to Great Britain’ when my friend told me “Na Gombe you dey”. What? Nooooooo! Talk about bursting bubbles!

I have no problem with the distance; I just spent the past year in Nassarawa. What I have a problem with is being a Corper in the North in the year 2015! In the words of Sir Patrick Obahiagbon, “it is audible to the deaf and visible to the blind; the trappings of war that herald the coming of 2015 general elections.” I would not want to be in a place where I don’t understand the language and shit starts going down. It would be a huge and pleasant surprise if the 2015 elections are not violent. I would rather be in the south, west or east, if we don’t speak Yoruba, we would converse in Pidgin, not only would you not be caught flat footed when the shit hits the fan, you’ll be closer to home.

Also, Gombe shares borders with Bauchi, Yobe, Borno (Boko Haram HQ), Adamawa and Taraba. The three states where a state of Emergency was declared are Yobe, Borno and Adamawa and Gombe is squat in the middle of all three. Jesus is Lord my people.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall not be afraid.
For thou art with me, thy rod and staff, they comfort me.

I’m still redeploying o. join me in prayers. If members of the Armed forces die needlessly and nothing happens, I don’t see anyone but my friends and family making a fuss if shit happens. This is the reality of the country we live in. I will serve my country but I will not serve up my life for her. She will be alright.

Do you know that NYSC itself didn’t see the sense in organizing the three week orientation camp inside Gombe? They arranged for us to have camp in Benue and then proceed to Gombe for the service year. They don’t think it’s safe! And they want us to go in. well that was the plan until *drum roll please*

Ebola came in like a wrecking ball
Well crafted plans discarded like a broken doll
I won’t lie; the tin pain me, no be small.
But I’ll roll with it, albeit like a punctured ball.

According to the NYSC website, we are to proceed to Benue where we have just 8 days to complete registration and receive further instructions. I don’t like it at all! I hope and pray it won’t affect redeployment sha. More pertinently though is the fact that this blasted disease has robbed me, my children and their children of something, something very vital. When my hair has grayed and my friends and I try to make our grand children laugh by regaling them with tales, I won’t have any camp stories to share. After my friends have shared theirs, my grand children would look at me with pleading eyes “what about you grandpa?” My response would be Ebola! Chai! Ebola has done a grave thing and because of this, it must die by fire.
Every power of Ebola, threatening this country, what are you waiting for? Die by fire! Die! Die! Die! Die!
Wish me safe journey. *winks*

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