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Today, millenia ago, HE died.
The HE who was present at the beginning.
Whose words laid the foundation of the world we live in.
Im human flesh HE came, and like one of us HE died.

Not like anyone of us, but the least of all.
The death of a criminal hung on the cross.
The sight of The Saviour hanging was gross.
While the ignorant got drunk and revelled in it all.

The limits of HIS humanity were tested.
Yet HE did not bend or turn away.
To our salvation, HE was commited and thoroughly invested.
In HIS anguish, HE asked the cup be taken away.

“Not my will but yours be done”.
As blood, sweat and tears mixed to become one.
Nevertheless HE stood before HIS Father.
Receiving strength through HIS divine tether.

On the cross, HE was made to stand.
Nails embedded in both feet and hands.
This was not a kidnapping; no terrorists’ demands.
Of HIS own volition, was HE in their hands.

The people ever so shortsighted; mocked HIM.
They mocked HIM who came to save them.
Words laced with barbs aimed at HIS hung body.
The same body being given for their salvation.

Even the Father, HIS commanding Officer looked away.
He couldn’t bear to see HIM this way.
HIS only precious begotten son.
HIS anger was brimming when HE heard the voice.

“Father forgive them” HE says, “They know not what they do.
My blood wont be shed for nothing.
Let it go Father, let it count for something.”
“Grant them access” HE shouted. “then will it be finished!”

Darkness covered the earth and with a loud cry.
HE Breathed HIS Last!
Then the veil tore from top to bottom.
A new era had finally come.
The antithesis of the past..

The Balance of Power had shifted.
Access to the father eternally granted.
Not to a select few.
But to ALL, who with faith keep the cross in view.

Password: JESUS = Access Granted!
Access granted into His glorious Kingdom.
To a raised pedestal, unreachable by hell’s hounds.
To Victory and a life without limits or bounds.

Heed HIS voice today. Give your life to Jesus Christ TODAY and be the better for it.

God Bless you.

Happy Easter to y’all.

Thank you very much.

I remain @OverlordNoni

The Password


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Which Would It Be?

Hello friends, how was your day? Mine was great by the way. I went to the library with good intent but i guess i am not in form at all. I barely passed 3 pages but thats not the issue at all. The thing is i have started and dont you ever despise little beginnings. Na so we do am so tey we reach final year. So no wahala.

So i got back to the room and me and my roommate got into a discussion i feel like sharing with you.

1st, it was raining, and i had to get to church, he asked me if i was going in this rain? I promptly replied, “whats the worst that could happen?”
I probably will get wet, get to church and dance the cold off anyway.

So the question now is, WOULD THE WEATHER STOP YOU FROM GOING TO CHURCH? Considering the church is just blocks away. If you have to take a bus or drive your own car, would you still go? Even though it’ll be certainly uncomfortable?

The second thing was if your church was burning and about 10 of your friends, i mean your own friends and not just church members. If you had a dangerously slim chance to save then, would you take it? Considering its either only you survive and the other ten die or d eleven of you live.
Which would be your decision.

Lastly, we talked about who is most important to save in the case of an accident.

Your Child or

Your Mother or

Your Wife.

*Just picture the Dana Air Crash if u need help weighing your options*

Just one can be saved, which would it be for you personally!

Please, lets make this discussion as honest as possible, someone might learn something from this afterall.


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