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Hey Swinger

Happy one moment and cold the next, and you’re wondering “what did I say or do wrong”? Most people can’t even say why, “That’s how it just happens, deal with it” they say. And I used to be like that. I’m talking about record breaking mood swings that will make you gape! How can you go from all that high to an inconceivably low low? For the observers, friends and those in close proximity at the time it occurs, it just doesn’t make sense. I mean she was just laughing and making jokes a moment ago and now a shrug is all I get for my basket mouth-esque joke, and in honest concern, you ask whatsup? The answer is universal, it may vary now and then but it’s always NOTHING or any of its many relatives. It just baffles me. I had a friend back in secondary school that used to do it, I didn’t understand until I started experiencing mine. And I didn’t like the feeling one bit!

So I ripped myself a new one. What I don’t like, I check if I have control over it, if I don’t have control, I see if I can gain control, if it seems as if I can’t, I refuse to take no for an answer until I gain control,  and I go ahead and change it. It wasn’t easy I tell you. And over the years I made a couple of observations that I think may be helpful to you who always have recurrent episodes of mood swings (and are unhappy about it), or you have a partner or friend who experiences them.

  1. We may say we don’t know why, and that it just happens out of the blue, but that isn’t all true. 30 minutes ago, I was all chirpy and now I’m feeling blue. I transport myself back to my last chirpy period and trace my way to the present. Where was I? Who was I talking to? What were we talking about? Did I agree to whatever they were saying? Did I see something or someone? For example, you were with your friends, and you see a couple walking by hand-in-hand, with so much love in the air. And you are a 35 year old unmarried and single lady. Unless you are a very secure person, it’s bound to hit you, and not wanting to think about it….again, you subconsciously shut down your mind. And of course if asked, you answer NOTHING. So there’s almost always a trigger for every mood swing. I do not know how to show anger, I hardly show it unless it’s gotten here *points to the neck*, I naturally suppress it, that triggers a mood swing for me. Arguing with someone on something so basic that why we are even arguing about it is befuddling. Something as ridiculous as “Pop and rock is the same thing, or every song has a baseline (the latter honestly happened)”, after arguing back and forth to prove him/her wrong unsuccessfully, I just shut down. Or at times I’m just tired, try being a director in an overnight drama rehearsal with tired and/or lazy people and let’s see if you won’t get tired. Those are my own triggers that I’ve observed. You have to find yours and either preempt them or find ways to deal with them as they come.
  2. Also, you’ll get to a point in life that you can’t afford to have such mood swings. The same way it gets to a point you dare not switch off your phone, you get so involved in the smooth running of things to a point that if you are unreachable, even for a few hours, hell literally freezes over. If you’ve ever been involved in the planning of an event, you’d have an idea of what I’m talking about. While some are quick to say “they won’t kill me”, taking responsibility for the success or failure of the event actually shows maturity. Remember, he who is faithful in little things, will be faithful in much. I’m talking about responsibility here; I’m talking about being too busy to have time to entertain your mood swing. Even if it is genuine.
  3. The things you say or do not say, do or don’t do during your mood swings can affect you negatively. In an office setting, it can cost you your job if you have an unkind boss. If you don’t get it together, it can put a strain (unnecessary?) on your marriage and in communication with your husband or wife. Also, your decision making is somehow impaired during these episodes and in a very competitive setting; it’ll cost you dearly because it affects productivity.

This is the part where I say “I hope with these few points of mine; I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that Mood Swings are bad for you” but you already knew that. What to do about it is the purpose of this piece.

Snap out of it!

I find it to be as simple as that. You can’t afford it, you don’t need it, So what are you doing with it? I know it’s not as easy as it sounds; but I also know that practice makes perfect. It’d benefit you greatly if you can get your swings under control. And do not complicate the solution for it. Just snap out of it. Even if it comes when you are alone and not doing anything, allowing it fester could just lead to clinical depression and your case would have to be transferred from the psychology department to the renowned psychiatry department. I’m sure you don’t want that. We all don’t!

Please feel free to add anything you know on the subject. Thanks.

So Hey Swinger, snap out of it.

I remain @OverlordNoni


Prime Leadership!

While Men Slept

Hey guys, how have you all been, great I believe. I have been great too. I just had my drama night in school after much postponement, and for that I’m really glad and thank God for His help and faithfulness. I’ll tell you this without a doubt, “God takes care of His Own”, it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s a he/she, a property, or whatever it is, once you make the claim that it is God’s, He steps in and takes care of everything. My Life Belongs To you O Lord! (You might want to say yours too).

That was by way of introduction, what I really want to write about is the place of leaders in this age and how much people are seeking for true leadership, someone to literarily lead the way, someone to tell them which direction to Go. I must concur with Karl Marx at this point, he said “Religion is the opium of the people”, that is true because I can’t imagine a world without a Jesus said this and as Christians, it’s expected of us to obey or a world where the words of the holy prophet (SAW) is not there to guide people. It would be chaos! But then Nature Abhors a Vacuum, something would have filled that space up in no time.

As some of you might know, I’m in my final year in school and I was the drama coordinator of my fellowship (Winners Campus Fellowship @wcfui on twitter), I recently handed over. Almost all fellowships form a forum of all final year students, and a day was dedicated to us finalists, so for weeks now, we’ve been rehearsing for our Finalist Sunday! Automatically, I was put in charge of the drama to be ministered on that day. I twiddled a little while but I got to writing the script too close to my test and I was unable to cogitate for too long without thinking of my test, so I wrote the first thought that came to mind. And the drama was a classically dry one, I didn’t need to be told, I knew it was. But we had no choice so I submitted it like that and ran away to face my drama night (yes I admit I ran).

On the final day of rehearsals, I had concluded that we were not going to act that drama, either we had a replacement or we don’t act. Not acting on its own is like breaking a 17 year old custom, but I was willing to risk breaking that than to appear a mediocre. Everyone kept asking me ‘how far’ with the drama, I wasn’t in any mood so I was just faking the smiles and nodding. But then, more people were asking how far? Then I got to thinking, the person in charge of songs came up with a beautiful song to sing, the dance guys had done a marvelous job with the choreography, and here I was giving the sanest and worldwide acceptable excuse any writer could give “I had Writers block”. I mean it was perfectly acceptable, I had writers block for Christ’s sake, how was a new script supposed to appear? So I sat there, put my feet up, and was gisting with someone who perfectly understood my situation. Everything was ok, but then I noticed, time was ticking and the problem isn’t going anywhere.

That was when I realized failure is not an option, and no drama means that I failed in my charge. So I did the smart thing, called for outside help! Holyparcel I called and instantly he answered, I presented my problem to him, including my Writers block, I couldn’t write does not mean I can think. As a leader, you should be too proud to fail and never too proud to call for outside help so far it guarantees success. A true leader should be as objective as possible, know when to remove yourself and you inadequacies from the equation and do what you have to do, recruit essential personnel to achieve the goal before you. So Holyparcel had an idea, which was skeletal, so I went to the front of everybody, acknowledged the wackiness of the previous script, mind you I gave no excuse for it, though I had a rather tenable one. I had to write 7 tests in 4 days! But what is past is past. I relayed Holyparcel’s idea to everyone, and together we filled it up. Everyone was on a roll after that and even though it was around 4am in the morning, everyone was contributing and before you know it, our drama was ready, we even had fun doing it.

I’ll start by telling what I learnt from this episode, and you add yours too. No single person can see it all.

So the first thing I learnt is, no excuse is acceptable,

Failure is not an option.

It doesn’t matter who came up with the idea as long as we are a team because Together Everybody Achieves More!

When you take the initiative, people will follow you, but you have to take it first or else, it’ll remain dormant.

Even when the excuse is tenable and acceptable, don’t accept it. Nobody gets to the top without being hard on him or herself. Don’t cut yourself too much slack.

You have to rise to the occasion, it’s in you!

What else did you learn friends? Please share! Perhaps I might learn more!

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The Perfect Team

So, six guys walk into a room and see a glass cup on a table with some water in it, the 1st guy claims its half empty, the 2nd guy says its half full and an argument ensues, while they are still bickering, the 3rd guys stops them “are you guys sure its water? Who put it there? Why is it in a glass cup? While they are struggling to follow his train of thought, the 4th guy plops on the chair with feet on the table thus spilling the water. The 5th guy rescues the cup from the assault and tries to drink the water. The 6th guy intervenes and asks, is everyone thirsty? How do we share this cup of water or do we need to get more?


   Meet the perfect team – The Pessimist, The optimist, the resource person, the Impulsive one, the opportunist and the strategist. Teamwork is essential in project organization and completion and it starts from selecting the right members on the team, right in the sense of their frame of mind, and the way they think and tackle problems. You have to recognize the inherent differences in individuals so as to fully maximize them. Where some see problems, some see challenges, where some see stumbling blocks; some see stepping stones and that doesn’t make anyone of them more or less useful; As long as they are deployed accordingly.

   I start with the pessimist for a reason, not because I am one (I am an eternal optimist) but because they are usually very visible, they say things as they see it so they’ll probably speak up first. lets say the team was tasked to come up with solutions to a particular problem, the team gets together to brainstorm and when someone gets an eureka moment, relays a nice idea, the pessimist is automatically fitted to see the flaws in the plan, he quickly points out to reasons why it would not work. Which is good, he points out the flaws and you remodel the plan. You don’t throw it away because of what someone says, no! You work around it. To present a virtually foolproof plan, you need a practicing pessimist. They are to the idea what fire is to gold.

   The optimist is that guy who starts nodding his head even before the person with the idea has gone half way with its narration. “Oh yes, it can work!” this person may wilt under the challenge of the pessimist or fight back depending on the person’s temperament (a matter for another day). The optimist is willing for it to work so much that he might count some variables as unnecessary hence the need of the pessimist. And once the plan is formulated, he would do anything within his power to see its fruition. He has very positive energy, enthusiastic and inspiring; they bring zeal to the table and keep it there.

   Every team needs a resource person, the google(resourcefulness) or Wikipedia(resources) who knows it all, let me say at this point that at times, “it’s not your resources that matter, but your resourcefulness – the ability to get what you need, when you need it”. So this person gets you all the information you need to make the best decision. He may or not be a nerd, but his presence is key. Remember information is power, so you want to have as much power as possible.

   There are those times when you have to “just do it!” those times when planning and counter planning is nothing but a waste of time, the impulsive one sees it, goes ahead to do something and face the consequences later. Which are usually forgivable because they usually save the day. But the sour truth is “not every day needs saving”. So they should have another major role on the team with their impulse as an added advantage. You can say they are the ‘muscle‘ of the team, they bring boundless energy to play (just like Ramires).

   The opportunist sees opportunities, where someone sees garbage; he is seeing the recycling and making money off it. They are just wired to see opportunities. For instance I heard a story of a man who was posted to one far off county where they do not wear shoes, on seeing that, he immediately asked for a transfer out of the “God forsaken hell hole”. The next person that was posted to the county got there and saw the condition. He came back home, gathered all his savings, even borrowed more money; which he used to buy shoes to sell in the county. In no time he became one of the richest men there. So his presence is key to reducing costs and maximizing profits.

   The strategist is that person who asks the right questions and provides solution to them; he sees the organization as a whole and knows the pros and cons of any decision taken so this automatically makes him the team leader. He plans, he schemes, and he plots. He is tactical in his approach to things; he sees the big picture, not just isolated pixels. Very foresighted and is willing to carry the teams weight on his shoulders.

With these 6 guys working together, they would achieve more; because their planning will be immaculate and execution impeccable with outstanding and extraordinary results.

So back to the first paragraph, when you read it, which did you think you were? Honestly drop a comment below.


Asala Boluwaduro

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