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Morning, i wrote this since Sunday but somehow couldnt post it then, even if the date it was posted doesnt tally, its message is evergreen and profitable to all at all times. Therefore, i present to you….

El Plan Maestro – The Master(‘s) Plan

The plan was perfect…or so they thought.
The secret agent was in place, his allegiance bought.
Thirty pieces of silver exchanged hands.
A mob, His location and a call sign.

All is in place, lets go kill the Messiah…

How could something so simple go wrong?
Especially since it should be what God wants.
This impostor claiming to Be God’s son.
Has to be taken out immediately and at all costs.

Shortsighted, they just couldnt see truth.
That a microcosm in a macrocosm their plan was.
And even though for the wrong reasons.
The Father’s will was getting done.

For had they known, they’d not have killed The Son of God.
The father watched on, as they unknowingly hatched his well laid plan.
Centuries if not millenia in the works.
Every contigency thought of and well covered.

Everything bends to HIS will, either deliberately or choicelessly.
For even in the grave, which was supposedly The End.
He fought, won and came out victoriously.
How could He not? When He had his sight on Our End.

He stared death down and asked “Where is thy sting?”
The grave he queried, “Where is thy victory”.
There was no answer, having lost in their own ring.
They – having no choice – bowed to His mastery.

So death couldn’t hold him captive.
Every plan set up ended up being abortive.
Even in the grave, Jesus is Lord.
And He arose, just as promised in His word.

Halleluyah He is Risen.
The one whose life for us was given.
Total victory He has over ALL.
As do you and I who heed the call.

The zealots’ plan was effective but the real master plan had been in play long before that. God’s perfect will was hatched out. They thought they were acting out their own plan, not knowing that the master had their strings and was puppeteering them for His own will.
May all who intend to harm you unknowingly push you towards your destiny in Jesus Name.

I remain @overlordnoni on twitter
Thank you

El Plan Maestro

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Today, millenia ago, HE died.
The HE who was present at the beginning.
Whose words laid the foundation of the world we live in.
Im human flesh HE came, and like one of us HE died.

Not like anyone of us, but the least of all.
The death of a criminal hung on the cross.
The sight of The Saviour hanging was gross.
While the ignorant got drunk and revelled in it all.

The limits of HIS humanity were tested.
Yet HE did not bend or turn away.
To our salvation, HE was commited and thoroughly invested.
In HIS anguish, HE asked the cup be taken away.

“Not my will but yours be done”.
As blood, sweat and tears mixed to become one.
Nevertheless HE stood before HIS Father.
Receiving strength through HIS divine tether.

On the cross, HE was made to stand.
Nails embedded in both feet and hands.
This was not a kidnapping; no terrorists’ demands.
Of HIS own volition, was HE in their hands.

The people ever so shortsighted; mocked HIM.
They mocked HIM who came to save them.
Words laced with barbs aimed at HIS hung body.
The same body being given for their salvation.

Even the Father, HIS commanding Officer looked away.
He couldn’t bear to see HIM this way.
HIS only precious begotten son.
HIS anger was brimming when HE heard the voice.

“Father forgive them” HE says, “They know not what they do.
My blood wont be shed for nothing.
Let it go Father, let it count for something.”
“Grant them access” HE shouted. “then will it be finished!”

Darkness covered the earth and with a loud cry.
HE Breathed HIS Last!
Then the veil tore from top to bottom.
A new era had finally come.
The antithesis of the past..

The Balance of Power had shifted.
Access to the father eternally granted.
Not to a select few.
But to ALL, who with faith keep the cross in view.

Password: JESUS = Access Granted!
Access granted into His glorious Kingdom.
To a raised pedestal, unreachable by hell’s hounds.
To Victory and a life without limits or bounds.

Heed HIS voice today. Give your life to Jesus Christ TODAY and be the better for it.

God Bless you.

Happy Easter to y’all.

Thank you very much.

I remain @OverlordNoni

The Password


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