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A New You

Happy New Month everyone, and thank you all for visiting my blog, liking and commenting on it. I sincerely appreciate.

So yesterday the New month of August started, so expect a lot of august
As is our custom(at least here in Nigeria), text messages go around with wishes for the new month, d amount i get keeps dwindling… Bt dats not the issue. I posted on Twitter that

“A new Day, a new Month, a new Me!”

and a friend of mine replied and said

“are you not tired of saying the same thing over and over again?”.

I gave it thought, its true we say alot and never carry them out especially people who still make new year resolutions. But at the same time, we owe it to ourselves to become better per time, until we die or reach the Zen of Perfection or maybe when we achieve the transition from Man To God. Only Then can we rest on our oars.

Conciously get better, as you keep evolving. The only part i dont agree with in Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the Origin of Life but otherwise, the man is very right.
The most suitable species always survive, in the workplace, in your christian walk, in relationships, in almost everything. Einstein’s theory of relativity assures that once you stop moving, you automatically start moving backwards.

So my friends, dont stop saying a new me, and dont stop meaning it. Remember, TAKE CONCIOUS STEPS TO GET BETTER!
Go Forth this month and Create A New Reality for yourself.
God Bless You.

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