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Giving up is not an option. getting better is the real deal

Not in a day


Close your eyes and roam the city of Rome.

Picture its spires and be inspired.

Take a walk on its cobbled streets and feel the heat as it emanates.

Look to the skies and with your eyes behold the mix of young and old.

Striving for relevance as they stomp around like irate elephants

If you can, gaze at the coliseums as it was in those days.

Appreciate its engineering genius as you go near the enlarged ring.

Walk its corridors of power and feel the humidor and aura.

Stand at its many cliffs that overlook the sea and ask yourself many what ifs

What if it never fell, what if the ringing of its bells never stopped

What if this and what if that.

And while you are trapped in the awe of the city and the grandeur of its prime

One thing won’t be able to escape you

It is naught but the irrefutable fact

That Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Even if the genie of the lamp were consigned to build it all,

I’m fairly certain he won’t be able to pull it off in one day.

Because layer by layers was it built

Step by step it was structured

One by one they all joined hands

Until it became one of the greatest civilizations in the known history of man

So I say to you, have some appreciation for the long term.


            Have you ever looked at the skyline of New York for instance and wonder if Nigeria can ever have that? Or look at a 70 storey building and ponder on how long and hard it must have taken to achieve the structural feat? I have and I do it all the time, I was driving round the city of Abuja recently and I couldn’t but notice the number of uncompleted buildings and construction cranes that dot the sky almost everywhere you look. It became obvious to me that Abuja is only hailed as much because it is the capital and not because it’s that fine. Granted, there are some very exquisite locations but it’s not that fine. And this is simply because it is far from being complete. Whether or not it’s behind or ahead of schedule I cannot say, but what I do know is that it’s certainly not complete.

                The Origin


Take a quick look at Dangote industries today, try to get your hands on his biography and you’ll be amazed to find out how small he started. Now he is the Richest black man the world over! That is no small feat I tell you, from where he started, it’s almost impossible to picture where he is now but he is here now and we all can see. Where you start has very little bearing on how you end, all that matters is how you progress. Never despise little beginnings.

                The Vision


When asked, Bill Gates said that all he wanted was to put a computer system in every home in every country in the world. I wouldn’t say he has done all he set out to do but he surely has made a dent, some might even say he has made more than that and I’ll agree without argument. He had a vision; he wanted to see a computerised world. That’s one hell of a task for one man to undertake but as we found out, he didn’t have to do it alone. All he had to do was enact his vision and people took it up from there, tech companies arose and before we could say Jack Robinson, the revolution had started. He had the vision, he saw the potential, he acted on it pronto and he got massively rewarded for it. Having a vision and the power to dream up alternate and better realities is a big plus. Don’t throw it away because it’s too big. You just have to find a way.

              The Skill set

Bill Gates is a nerd! Despite his genius level IQ, one thing is obvious; dude is a nerd, albeit a multi-billionaire one. One thing he knows pretty well is programming. Computer programming, market programming, consumer programming, business programming and any other programming you can mention. And my-oh-my, did he program it all well or not? I think we all can say without doubt that he has done well for himself, heck he has done well for the whole Tech industry. Everybody has a certain skill set, it may be raw and undeveloped but it is there. Your skill set, either natural or acquired if used properly will provide you with your meal ticket and much more as long as you do it right.

                The Mindset


They say nothing determines a man’s fate like his attitude, how he responds to situations, changes and unforeseen circumstances. When life throws you a curve or things refuse to go according to your meticulously laid down plans, what do you do? Do you react or take time to think and respond accordingly. Many have jumped off the boat carrying them to their destiny because they had sea sickness. Sea sickness can be treated with a little pill. When you face a problem, don’t think “this is it, I’m done for”; instead start thinking “damage control, what is the way out”. Every problem has a solution. Get that stuck in your head and psyche. Every Problem Has a Solution!


                The Timeline

There is a time for every purpose under the heaven. A time to sow and a time to reap, time to be born and a time to die etc, you need a very astute concept of time for you to succeed in any endeavour. Time is and will always be a continuum; this is not the end, even if it seems like it. It only ends when you say it ends, when you stop fighting or stop breathing. That being said, you need to have serious appreciation for the long term, get rich schemes don’t always last. You have to learn to build from scratch, sometimes slowly because you learn as you go along the way.

Knowing that, you have to not mind how little you start, as long as you have a vision that propels you, make sure you have the skill set to execute your vision, have the proper attitude in responding to challenges and setbacks and unforeseen circumstances, with all these in place, learn to plan for the long term.

If you want the magnificence that is Rome to be your life, then one day wouldn’t be enough.

PS. I wrote this October 31st 2013

Hot Damn!

So many times i have discovered that some of my past writings are for the present and future me. I come across them and it just inspires me all over again.

Instead of writing to my younger self, it’s him that is writing to me. This life is just a big pot of beans.

Thank you for reading

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Socialiga & My Birthday

Socialiga & My Birthday

Birthdays are always somehow for me. I look at people posting pictures with cakes and surrounded by friends a couple of thoughts run through my mind

“Why are you opening teeth for God’s sake? You’re getting older! Can’t you see that???”
“You’ll spend all that money? Just because it’s your birthday? Is that smart? Really?”

It took me a while to actually figure out why and now that I have, *inserts facepalm smiley. See ehn, my birthday is on the 26th of June and for as long as I can remember, that period is always when my account is in the red. Yeah, I was captured by, engaged to and suffering from a broke mentality. Ever since that epiphany, I’ve been better equipped to fight those thoughts when they come.

Firstly, there is so much to be thankful to God for, and like the song says “Ti a ba ni ki a ka ore oluwa, ile a su, ile a mo” meaning “if we are to count the goodness of God, the sun will set and will rise and we would still no have counted them all”
Oh the things we take for granted in this life, if only we were more aware and see the things God is doing for us that we don’t know of, we’d spend every waking day in gratitude to God. I have learnt that and I’m grateful for all He’s done. And can rejoice fully in His promises and assurances for the future.

Do. Not. Let. Your. Current. Circumstances. Prevent. You. From. Praising. God.

And as for the second one, I had an epiphany for that one too. If you die today, you’ll see how useless and almost senseless it is to work so hard, make money (no matter how little or much) and not enjoy the fruits of your work. Even if it is for just one day in the whole year, do something worthwhile and memorable, have fun!

And I did, at least I tried to. The last Socialiga event was on the 25th of June so I said to myself,


“Doesn’t that sound like fun to you?” then myself responded
“For real mehn, you should go”
So I took my own advice and went and it was beautiful. A little chaotic but chaos can be beautiful too.
For my own protection as a celebrity with important standing in the community, a man of my timber and calibre and VIP status, I went with an FBI Agent, my homie Wale


We decided to go in low key, so the MC didn’t have to announce my arrival. We went in and took our seats. Took some selfies to show Twitter that I indeed had arrived



It didn’t take long for us to realize we were sitting in the wrong place, it became apparent after watching the flow of traffic that the fine girls were all seated on the other side. I realized it when I noticed the camera mehn were not even coming to the left side, they were all on the right. I don’t blame them anyway. Give me a camera too and see if there would be one guy in my photos. Well, there’ll be one – Me. I’ll take selfies.


Anyways, he supported The Saints, and I was on the Reds’ side which is a terrible thing as a Chelsea fan but you see ehn, there are many fine girls there so you’ll forgive me. Plus I chose the right side anyway. They won the penalty shootout so I jumped up and shouted yes. After the second match, we decided to take a walk around and collect that Free Star Radler that they said we were entitled to


The Taste wasn’t bad and we gave good reviews, even took a selfies with the Star Lady


Drink in hand, we continued our sightseeing and I saw this beautiful amazing and absolutely breath-taking piece of artwork. It was so stunning it stopped me in my tracks and slowly drew me in to drink from its beauty. If I was an art collector with the bucks, I would have it hanging in my office now. See for yourself



There were a lot of food vendors but it never crossed my mind to check them out (Reason why is already above), we moved around until I saw this

Which to me was impressive. The Socialiga impresses me deeply. That so much can happen off the back of an idea, that an idea so powerful it galvanizes people. I mean, I came all the way from Ayobo which is on the other side of Lagos just because I was fascinated. The number of sponsors they have gotten in the period that they have started is just impressive
I was impressed by what I saw and I give the organizers and everyone on that team kudos. Tiri Gbosas for you all. May it continue to grow bigger and get better and go international, Amen.
Shout out to all the photographers that were there, though it was only one that got me on camera, you guys were amazing. I forgive all of you.

There were games to play but I decided to play spectator not disgrace my grandchildren show off my skills. The Bouncing castle was big and inviting but sometimes you have to respect yourself. Not every time.

When we heard on the PAS that the female teams were about to play, we remembered how important it was to face why we had come so we rushed to our seats and waited not wanting to miss the fun and excitement we expected to happen soon. We waited, and waited and when we saw the male team take to the field. Such a disappoint! We suddenly realized time was going and our house was far so we decided to take in the sights once again before making our departure.
That was when @Ladisays captured me talking to Jade who I was meeting for the first time. She’s really cool and very peng as you can see.


After that we were on our way home. And even though it was not yet my birthday, I had fun and for the first time in a long time I actually have pictures to share that are about my birthday.

I look to the future with hope as my team and I work on The Invictus Project. Great may it be and the beginning of something truly special.
I thank everyone that sent me wishes on BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. I appreciate the gestures and I pray that you will all always have a reason to celebrate in your life and family. God bless you all.


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May Your Days be Rough

My dear friends, may we glean from the wisdom of the ages that stand eternal.
May we escape the flames that rage infernal.
May we depart from folly and be wise
May light enter our hearts as we see with our eyes.

If you have aspirations of greatness, then you must read this! I pray that your days will be rough.


By Tai Solarin, Jan. 1, 1964
I am not cursing you; I am wishing you what I wish myself every year. I therefore repeat, may you have a hard time this year, may there be plenty of troubles for you this year! If you are not so sure what you should say back, why not just say, ‘Same to you’? I ask for no more.

Our successes are conditioned by the amount of risk we are ready to take. Earlier on today I visited a local farmer about three miles from where I live. He could not have been more than fifty-five, but he said he was already too old to farm vigorously. He still suffered, he said, from the physical energy he displayed as a farmer in his younger days. Around his hut were two pepper bushes. There were kokoyams growing round him. There were snail shells which had given him meat. There must have been more around the banana trees I saw. He hardly ever went to town to buy things. He was self-sufficient. The car or the bus, the television or the telephone, the newspaper, Vietnam or Red China were nothing to him. He had no ambitions whatsoever, he told me. I am not sure if you are already envious of him, but were we all to revert to such a life, we would be practically driven back to cave dwelling. On the other hand, try to put yourself into the position of the Russian or the America astronaut. Any moment now the count, 3, 2, 1, is going to go, and you are going to be shot into the atmosphere and soon you will be whirling round our earth at the speed of six miles per second. If you get so fired into the atmosphere and you forget what to do to ensure return to earth, one of the things that might happen to you is that you could become forever satellite, going round the earth until you die of starvation and even then your body would continue the gyration!
When, therefore, you are being dressed up and padded to be shot into the sky, you know only too well that you are going on the roughest road man had ever trodden. The Americans and Russians who have gone were armed with the great belief that they would come back. But I cannot believe that they did not have some slight foreboding on the contingency of their non-return. It is their courage for going in spite of these apprehensions that makes the world hail them so loudly today.

The big fish is never caught in shallow waters. You have to go into the open sea for it. The biggest businessmen make decisions with lighting speed and carry them out with equal celerity. They do not dare delay or dally. Time would pass them by if they did. The biggest successes are preceded by the greatest of heart-burnings. You should read the stories of the bomber pilots of World War II. The Russian pilot, the German pilot, the American or the British pilot suffered exactly the same physical and mental tension the night before a raid on enemy territory. There were no alternative routes for those who most genuinely believed in victory for their side.

You cannot make omelettes without breaking eggs, throughout the world, there is no paean without pain. Jawaharlal Nehru has put it so well. I am paraphrasing him. He wants to meet his troubles in a frontal attack. He wants to see himself tossed into the aperture between the two horns of the bull. Being there, he determines he is going to win and, therefore, such a fight requires all his faculties.

When my sisters and I were young and we slept on our small mats round our mother, she always woke up at 6a.m. for morning prayers. She always said prayers on our behalf but always ended with something like this: ‘May we not enter into any dangers or get into any difficulties this day.’ It took me almost thirty years to dislodge the canker-worm in our mother’s sentiments. I found, by hard experience, that all that is noble and laudable was to be achieved only through difficulties and trials and tears and dangers. There are no other roads.

If I was born into a royal family and should one day become a constitutional king, I am inclined to think I should go crazy. How could I, from day to day, go on smiling and nodding approval at somebody else’s successes for an entire lifetime? When Edward the Eighth (now Duke of Windsor) was a young, sprightly Prince of Wales, he went to Canada and shook so many hands that his right arm nearly got pulled out of its socket. It went into a sling and he shook hands thenceforth with his left hand. It would appear he was trying his utmost to make a serious job out of downright sinecurism.

Life, if it is going to be abundant, must have plenty of hills and vales. It must have plenty of sunshine and rough weather. It must be rich in obfuscation and perspicacity. It must be packed with days of danger and of apprehension.

When I walk into the dry but certainly cool morning air of every January 1st, I wish myself plenty of tears and of laughter, plenty of happiness and unhappiness, plenty of failures and successes. Plenty of abuse and praise. It is impossible to win ultimately without a rich measure of intermixture in such a menu. Life would be worthless without the lot. We do not achieve much in this country because we are all so scared of taking risks. We all want the smooth and well-paved roads. While the reason the Americans and others succeeded so well is that they took such great risks.

If, therefore, you are out in this New Year 1964, to win any target you have set for yourself, please accept my prayers and your elixir. May your road be rough! ”

I’ll talk more on this in subsequent posts. I just might be back! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:✌

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Practice makes Perfect

I live in a three bedroom flat with three other people, our parlour area is bare, no seetee, no teevee, no curtains, just bare! And the only thing you’ll find in there is a ball. A half-deflated regular ball. Its not a piece of adornment nor a monument either. As much love as i have for the sport, i’m not any good at actually playing it so i dont bother. What’s the point? The ball belongs to my roommate who is my exact opposite in that regard, he loves the sport amongst others and plays it adequately well so he bought the ball.

What this means is that i wake up every morning, step out of my room and see a ball. Every morning! So i always step into the parlour and kick it around, dribble myself, score against every room door and feel like a bad guy. But one day i picked the ball up and tried to do an overhead flick and as you can easily imagine, the ball neither went over my head nor was flicked. I was in front of the ball having gone through the motions of swinging my legs acrobatically and trying to trap and jump with the ball. I acheived neither. I was in front and the ball waa behind – i hardly touched it- i laughed at myself and went about my day.

I came back from work and the ball was still there so i gave the flick another try. Still nothing. Everyone who watches football knows how beautiful the game gets when a little bit of skill and flair is injected and that was my target. I did play ball back in the day, when i was younger but i was basically a pass and shoot kind of guy. You pass to me, i run with the ball, i pass to you, you pass back and i shoot. BAM! Nothing more! My friend Shevy was the ultimate bad guy when it came to skills and tricks so i decided to take a page from his book and learn the overhead flick.

I commenced to attempt to do the flick everyday for the next two weeks and i am proud to tell you that i have learnt….no…i have mastered the overhead flick. I can pull it off at leaat 9 times out of ten attempts. I’ve learned how to place each of my legs in the position to properly flick the ball either over my head or to the side. All that remains is for people to come from over the world and pay loads of cash to come and see me execute the ovethead kick (a brother can dream right?).

Moral of the story: Practice makes perfect. There is something you desire, a skill or something of the sort. I’m here to tell you that you can have it. If you want it badly enough, you’ll take the page i took from Shevy’s book(who now goes by the name Lusheyi) from me and start practising. Whatever it may be that you desire, consistent practice is the way to acquire and hone that skill to the point of excellence. Is it cooking, writing, singing, public speaking, washing, even tweeting, whatever it may be, there is a method…a system by which those you’ve seen do it do it, they were either taught or they learnt it themselves, of you need someone to show you a few pointers, don’t hesitate to ask and at the same time, dont hesitate to try. Who knows, you mught discover a new way to get things done. All in all, practice is the way to acheive excellence in any and every thing you do.

I remain @OverlordNoni

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Kill Myself

Based on the number of things i should have.
That i dont.
And the things i should have done.
That i haven’t.
The What i know i could be.
That i’m not.
I have decided to kill myself.

Right here right now, a gun to my head.
The trigger’s calling; it’s time to be dead.
And put an end to the horror of a life i live.
Or maybe with an axe my neck i’ll cleave.

So dear friends and family, this is a suicide note.
And i assure you it is for the best.
I’m not being overrun by misplaced zest.
Or whatever you think my proposed death connotes.

Its well documented that death births life.
Just like peace is often the aftermath of war.
And Backwards is sometimes the best way forward.
I have decided to end this life of strife.
Giving myself an opportunity to start afresh and march onward.

A grain must first die before it can multiply.
To be reborn as the Phoenix and fly.
To the zen of my infinite possibilities.
Its high time i embraced my responsibilities.

For everything i should have,.
There is something i should have done.
For everything i should have done.
There is something i should have known.

To know, to do, to have and to become.
I have to first be dead to distractions.
And kill myself with focused hardwork to get things done.
So that my new life, will be very much unlike the old one.

Heaven on earth, all things under control.
The kind of death that gets my name on the honor roll.
‘Cause its tantamount to previously unattainable success.
With renewed zeal and unmatchable zest.

So who else wants to die? If you want a turnaround *change* in your life, that life has to die.

Remember that “A Fool is someone who does the same thing over and over again and expect different result”.

Re-invent the wheel and create a New Reality for yourself.

You can do it, many before you have and so can you.

I remain @OverlordNoni on twitter


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Morning friends. I saw this poem written by a friend of mine and i wanted y’all to read it. That guy Bunmi Oke is totally something else.
Enjoy and do drop a comment. Thank you

It is a fruitless try at reinventing our makeup.

When we feed on beliefs that are made-up.
We sorely bask in deception with no constraints.
By thinking our capabilities have no restraints;

’Cause rain or shine, in sound health or in sickness
Admitting one’s limits is now tagged “weakness”
Owning up to one’s ordinariness is now “old-school”
In a world that thinks life’s by might and muscle

Being realistic is “dulling;” it’s
taboo to be down-to-earth
In an era of ever-dreaming fans of “heaven-on-earth”
We call the sky the limit even when
the limit is inherent
In a world that accepts the
false & denies the apparent

If not for boundaries,
Life’ll be lacking in challenges or quandaries
If not for limits,
We will ever do things only
as we deem fit
And what can be more self- destructive
Than limitless control given to the naïve?
Grateful for our
frailties, let’s manage them
Thankful for our strengths, let’s soar on them
Not just for the things that made us rich
But also for the things clearly beyond our reach.
And for an ego that our shortfalls
effectively bridle
Why we do have limits no longer
remains a riddle.

Grateful For Limits by ‘Bunmi Oke

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The You The World Needs- A Sonnet

Out of the eater came something
to eat.
Who would have known that it
would be so sweet?
The balance of life must be
maintained however.
We just have to decide what we do
to each other.
Evil thrives but for the complacency
of good.
Of many who sold their birthrights
for morsels of food.
If only we’ll make a stand for right.
Turn this night into day by shining
the light.
Look the man/woman in the
mirror straight in the eyes.
See to it that you tell yourself no
And from within, commence the
change you wanna see without.
Look past the shadows of fear and
Reach within and Unleash your
potential .
My friends, your world needs you
(c) 2012.
Asala Boluwaduro

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