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This Life

This life can throw hell at you
And still have you coming for more
You’ll work till your hands are sore
And of all you want, you’ll get but a few

Questions keep popping through your head like champagne
Situations that you can’t even try to explain
No one would listen to you complain
So you have to double up or lose your gain

We fight for fame not needed
What we get is strife not seeded
What we have long evaded
Has landed on our doors leaded

Yet, as much struggles we face everyday
As much as we can’t help but cry
As much as we can’t but continually stay sane
As much as we can’t do anything but endure the pain
We are still here!

Going and growing through life is stress
Every single day, we are under duress
Duress with no form of recess
I’m talking about duress in excess

Yet you can’t deny life’s strong points
The beauty of the deep blue sea
The luxuriant foliage in in ascending canopies
Cos in them beauty is aptly expressed

As much as we like to claim that we’re strong
We can’t deny the beauty of a woman
With features so definitive that they define life itself
Nor can you deny the power of a good and timely song

You see! as much as you wanna call life a bitch
Yet you haven’t thrown in the towel
Although you may not be what we call rich,
At least you’ve not been heaped on by a shovel

You still have breath in your nostrils
So you still have the chance to eat more grills
Learn more skills
And get many more thrills

From your Fiend – This Life


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