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Not in a day


Close your eyes and roam the city of Rome.

Picture its spires and be inspired.

Take a walk on its cobbled streets and feel the heat as it emanates.

Look to the skies and with your eyes behold the mix of young and old.

Striving for relevance as they stomp around like irate elephants

If you can, gaze at the coliseums as it was in those days.

Appreciate its engineering genius as you go near the enlarged ring.

Walk its corridors of power and feel the humidor and aura.

Stand at its many cliffs that overlook the sea and ask yourself many what ifs

What if it never fell, what if the ringing of its bells never stopped

What if this and what if that.

And while you are trapped in the awe of the city and the grandeur of its prime

One thing won’t be able to escape you

It is naught but the irrefutable fact

That Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Even if the genie of the lamp were consigned to build it all,

I’m fairly certain he won’t be able to pull it off in one day.

Because layer by layers was it built

Step by step it was structured

One by one they all joined hands

Until it became one of the greatest civilizations in the known history of man

So I say to you, have some appreciation for the long term.


            Have you ever looked at the skyline of New York for instance and wonder if Nigeria can ever have that? Or look at a 70 storey building and ponder on how long and hard it must have taken to achieve the structural feat? I have and I do it all the time, I was driving round the city of Abuja recently and I couldn’t but notice the number of uncompleted buildings and construction cranes that dot the sky almost everywhere you look. It became obvious to me that Abuja is only hailed as much because it is the capital and not because it’s that fine. Granted, there are some very exquisite locations but it’s not that fine. And this is simply because it is far from being complete. Whether or not it’s behind or ahead of schedule I cannot say, but what I do know is that it’s certainly not complete.

                The Origin


Take a quick look at Dangote industries today, try to get your hands on his biography and you’ll be amazed to find out how small he started. Now he is the Richest black man the world over! That is no small feat I tell you, from where he started, it’s almost impossible to picture where he is now but he is here now and we all can see. Where you start has very little bearing on how you end, all that matters is how you progress. Never despise little beginnings.

                The Vision


When asked, Bill Gates said that all he wanted was to put a computer system in every home in every country in the world. I wouldn’t say he has done all he set out to do but he surely has made a dent, some might even say he has made more than that and I’ll agree without argument. He had a vision; he wanted to see a computerised world. That’s one hell of a task for one man to undertake but as we found out, he didn’t have to do it alone. All he had to do was enact his vision and people took it up from there, tech companies arose and before we could say Jack Robinson, the revolution had started. He had the vision, he saw the potential, he acted on it pronto and he got massively rewarded for it. Having a vision and the power to dream up alternate and better realities is a big plus. Don’t throw it away because it’s too big. You just have to find a way.

              The Skill set

Bill Gates is a nerd! Despite his genius level IQ, one thing is obvious; dude is a nerd, albeit a multi-billionaire one. One thing he knows pretty well is programming. Computer programming, market programming, consumer programming, business programming and any other programming you can mention. And my-oh-my, did he program it all well or not? I think we all can say without doubt that he has done well for himself, heck he has done well for the whole Tech industry. Everybody has a certain skill set, it may be raw and undeveloped but it is there. Your skill set, either natural or acquired if used properly will provide you with your meal ticket and much more as long as you do it right.

                The Mindset


They say nothing determines a man’s fate like his attitude, how he responds to situations, changes and unforeseen circumstances. When life throws you a curve or things refuse to go according to your meticulously laid down plans, what do you do? Do you react or take time to think and respond accordingly. Many have jumped off the boat carrying them to their destiny because they had sea sickness. Sea sickness can be treated with a little pill. When you face a problem, don’t think “this is it, I’m done for”; instead start thinking “damage control, what is the way out”. Every problem has a solution. Get that stuck in your head and psyche. Every Problem Has a Solution!


                The Timeline

There is a time for every purpose under the heaven. A time to sow and a time to reap, time to be born and a time to die etc, you need a very astute concept of time for you to succeed in any endeavour. Time is and will always be a continuum; this is not the end, even if it seems like it. It only ends when you say it ends, when you stop fighting or stop breathing. That being said, you need to have serious appreciation for the long term, get rich schemes don’t always last. You have to learn to build from scratch, sometimes slowly because you learn as you go along the way.

Knowing that, you have to not mind how little you start, as long as you have a vision that propels you, make sure you have the skill set to execute your vision, have the proper attitude in responding to challenges and setbacks and unforeseen circumstances, with all these in place, learn to plan for the long term.

If you want the magnificence that is Rome to be your life, then one day wouldn’t be enough.

PS. I wrote this October 31st 2013

Hot Damn!

So many times i have discovered that some of my past writings are for the present and future me. I come across them and it just inspires me all over again.

Instead of writing to my younger self, it’s him that is writing to me. This life is just a big pot of beans.

Thank you for reading

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This Piece is for every creative person out there. I’d like to believe we all are, but some more than the others. Therefore, if you find yourself among the gifted ones, make good use of God’s gift to you. Light up the World with it!


Pointless pieces of information.
Meant to mislead the unwary.
Potentially into perpetual misery.
Perpetrated by masters of deception.

Aura of silence, permeating everything.
Insiduous gloom potentially life-threatening.
The result of continous pummelling of creative senses.
Nipping at the bud all such advances.

Unbeknown of its essence.
They chip at it until it’s stifled.
And Dead! As by a sniper rifled.
What would have been pivotal to outstanding success.

Don’t do this or that they say.
What do you want people to say?
When you grow up, you’ll see.
That all these are meant to favour thee.

Its too risky, dont throw your life away.
Listen to the words the elders say.
If you want a real life, get a real job.
Forgetting that the collar chokes as that of a dog.

Embrace your creativity, let it shine.
Don’t let others dictate the use of what’s thine.
On the wings of limitless success you’re meant to climb.
Dont throw it all away on a dime.

Lies that’ll take you off your way.
Listen not to their alluring sway.

For you are a light that must shine.
Therefore SHINE ON!!!

I for one believe that God makes no mistakes (Durhhh, He is God), and that there indeed is a design to your make. You didnt just haphazardly end up with that beautiful voice, lyrical mastery, artistic eye, creative hands, creative mind, a badass wordsmith, writer, poet, theatre artist, screen artist, creative arts and crafts….the avenues to let out creativity are really limitless and whichever one you have resident in you, you owe if First to God who put it in to let it come out, Secondly to yourself to be All you can be and Thirdly to the society… We could use more real role models around here(not the Kardashians of this world)…if you think the world is twisted right now, wait for 10years and you’ll really see what twisted is, so we really need to step up, connect with the source(God in whatever language) and start some good vibes. I’m eternally optimistic that we can do some….alot of good this way.

Thank you for reading.

I remain @OverlordNoni

Time to Shine!


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Kill Myself

Based on the number of things i should have.
That i dont.
And the things i should have done.
That i haven’t.
The What i know i could be.
That i’m not.
I have decided to kill myself.

Right here right now, a gun to my head.
The trigger’s calling; it’s time to be dead.
And put an end to the horror of a life i live.
Or maybe with an axe my neck i’ll cleave.

So dear friends and family, this is a suicide note.
And i assure you it is for the best.
I’m not being overrun by misplaced zest.
Or whatever you think my proposed death connotes.

Its well documented that death births life.
Just like peace is often the aftermath of war.
And Backwards is sometimes the best way forward.
I have decided to end this life of strife.
Giving myself an opportunity to start afresh and march onward.

A grain must first die before it can multiply.
To be reborn as the Phoenix and fly.
To the zen of my infinite possibilities.
Its high time i embraced my responsibilities.

For everything i should have,.
There is something i should have done.
For everything i should have done.
There is something i should have known.

To know, to do, to have and to become.
I have to first be dead to distractions.
And kill myself with focused hardwork to get things done.
So that my new life, will be very much unlike the old one.

Heaven on earth, all things under control.
The kind of death that gets my name on the honor roll.
‘Cause its tantamount to previously unattainable success.
With renewed zeal and unmatchable zest.

So who else wants to die? If you want a turnaround *change* in your life, that life has to die.

Remember that “A Fool is someone who does the same thing over and over again and expect different result”.

Re-invent the wheel and create a New Reality for yourself.

You can do it, many before you have and so can you.

I remain @OverlordNoni on twitter


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If there is any poem anywhere that i believe is a worthy read, this is it. Everytime i read it, or hear the word ‘Invictus’ or the poem’s legendary conclusion, i simply cant hold my mind back from wandering on cloud nine. It holds so much power… Please enjoy it with me.

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

Take time to think about its contents…especially that last verse.
You indeed are the master of your own fate. Follow this thought train to a logical end. If you do, you’ll learn something profound. I’ll be writing on it soon enough but please give that line some thought.

And till then, i remain @OverlordNoni do follow me on twitter

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Today, millenia ago, HE died.
The HE who was present at the beginning.
Whose words laid the foundation of the world we live in.
Im human flesh HE came, and like one of us HE died.

Not like anyone of us, but the least of all.
The death of a criminal hung on the cross.
The sight of The Saviour hanging was gross.
While the ignorant got drunk and revelled in it all.

The limits of HIS humanity were tested.
Yet HE did not bend or turn away.
To our salvation, HE was commited and thoroughly invested.
In HIS anguish, HE asked the cup be taken away.

“Not my will but yours be done”.
As blood, sweat and tears mixed to become one.
Nevertheless HE stood before HIS Father.
Receiving strength through HIS divine tether.

On the cross, HE was made to stand.
Nails embedded in both feet and hands.
This was not a kidnapping; no terrorists’ demands.
Of HIS own volition, was HE in their hands.

The people ever so shortsighted; mocked HIM.
They mocked HIM who came to save them.
Words laced with barbs aimed at HIS hung body.
The same body being given for their salvation.

Even the Father, HIS commanding Officer looked away.
He couldn’t bear to see HIM this way.
HIS only precious begotten son.
HIS anger was brimming when HE heard the voice.

“Father forgive them” HE says, “They know not what they do.
My blood wont be shed for nothing.
Let it go Father, let it count for something.”
“Grant them access” HE shouted. “then will it be finished!”

Darkness covered the earth and with a loud cry.
HE Breathed HIS Last!
Then the veil tore from top to bottom.
A new era had finally come.
The antithesis of the past..

The Balance of Power had shifted.
Access to the father eternally granted.
Not to a select few.
But to ALL, who with faith keep the cross in view.

Password: JESUS = Access Granted!
Access granted into His glorious Kingdom.
To a raised pedestal, unreachable by hell’s hounds.
To Victory and a life without limits or bounds.

Heed HIS voice today. Give your life to Jesus Christ TODAY and be the better for it.

God Bless you.

Happy Easter to y’all.

Thank you very much.

I remain @OverlordNoni

The Password


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Happy new month to you. Its the start of the month and the time to set the pace for the month. May the words be of help to you.

Its profitable unto all things. Spirituality.
Always at loggerheads with our “humanity”
its lack keeps us within the vestiges of commonality.
And puts a question mark on where we spend eternity.

To be human is a loaded status.
Born with tabula rasa and a potent stylus.
Our paths, though predestinated is ours to forge.
And ensure we arrive at the celestial lodge.

O human, why art thou so frail.
With circumstances setting you up perfectly to fail.
Knowing our limits, He tore the veil.
To the much that lies within, your “now” in contrast pales.

Be not the weary traveller who neglects directions.
Even though the path to take next is in contention.
Wisdom’ll show you the way to your journey’s end.
‘Cos she is always proved right by her true friends.

Wisdom is initiated with the fear of God.
And living out the practical reality of His Word.
The impossible becomes nothing, right after you cross that fjord
And be cocooned in His love, like a bean to its pod.

Spirituality is profitable unto all things.
Its profitability is unto all beings.
Pursue after righteousness, get a hold of it.
And your life’s Balance Sheet will always show profit.

Thank you for reading.

Unto All Things


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Praises my merry heart sings.
As all around me, i hear Jingle bells ding.
Proof of the year’s coming end.
And proof that we survived to the end.

Compliments and felicitations fill the air.
And rightly so, ’cause we’re still here.
Still in the land of the living.
For the past Eleven months, Life has been our inning.

Not the same story for some others.
Most unknown, some rather close to our hearts.
We rejoice not over their fate.
But hope they were well received at the Pearly gates.

Let the Reason not get lost in the Season.
‘Cause the Season is all about this one Reason.
The one that has kept us through the years.
The giver of hope and queller of all fears.

Emmanuel is His name.
God with us, the one and the same.
Forget not that Christ is the essence.
Carry out your Joie de vivre with this sense.

I wish you blissful celebrations. God bless you.
Merry Christmas and a Happier new year.


A Reason-ing Season (A Reason-in-Season)

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