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Questioning Reality!


Question-MarkWhat really is real? Is it what our five senses say? Or is there another model for its depiction. If I can touch, smell, taste, see and hear it; then it has to be real. Or is our reality defined by a 6th sense of some sorts. I personally do not believe the 5 senses are adequate in describing reality because two people look at the same thing and see two different things entirely. One sees the glass as half full while the other sees it as half empty. How do you explain that? Funny thing is they are both right, whatever they happen to see. Someone recently told me that “we don’t believe something and then see it come to life; all that we see is as a result of what we believe”. I believe, therefore I am! If you’ve noticed, ladies who always whine that all men are liars, cheats and what have you almost always gets those kinds of guys.

In a book I recently read about Quantum Mechanics and the Quantum State, it is postulated that substances can exist both as a wave and particle in the quantum state and that whether you find a particle or a wave depends on your quantum measuring device. While it can be both and either, it’s the measuring device that determines which it’ll be. This means if you place a particle measuring device, it’ll appear as only particles, and if you place a wave measuring device, you’ll see only waves. To know more about this, learn about Schrodinger’s cat HERE

In case you are wondering how that is relevant, well, here it comes. Our reality is defined by our Beliefs. The things that are real to us are the things we believe in. These beliefs and belief systems go on to dictate our lives by their control on our choices and decisions. I believe I can do anything! The Bible says everything is possible to him that believes; and I believe that. Your beliefs are like filters in your mind that thoughts have to go through, no matter how grand, if you don’t believe it to be possible, your decisions & choices (which are a product of that same mind and filters) will show it. I could go on all day on how your decisions are the building blocks of one’s life and that repeatedly wrong decisions will produce a life full of problems, and vice versa. But what I really want you to know is YOU CHOOSE! You may not know on the conscious level, but you do, nobody else but you. Everybody has the potential to be kindest and most loving person ever and to be the meanest and most unreasonable person; you can be richer than country or stay among the minority. YOU CHOOSE! Life may, will throw you a curve now and then. What you do, and how you respond, again YOU CHOOSE! Do you break, bend or just doggedly remain in the game?

Once that is settled, let me move to the last and final point. The chasm between reality and ideality is in most cases unthinkable! “What is” and “what should be”. If you don’t know what should be, then you’d be cheating yourself on a large scale. Spending stipends when you own the bank, starving in the First Class cabin even though your ticket says you can eat anything.

Get this straight if you don’t already have, “whatever life you live now, is not your best case scenario”. Believe me when I say it can get better, it is meant to get better. God is not a waster of resources and there are no excesses in nature. You deserve a better life, to be happy, to see your dreams come true, see your children and children’s’ children perhaps, to be in good health; name it! Whatever you want can be yours. Don’t let past experiences or tales rob you of that chance. You have to believe! Believe in your right to these things. Like I said, life my throw you a curve, but you’ve got to believe.

Questioning reality entails asking the questions that’ll yield the answers that bridge the gap between your present reality and ideality. Your mentality makes the difference!

While I believe that skin color doesn’t define a man, I also believe a man is justified by his actions and deeds and not by what he can be. Therefore in this vein, I deeply appreciate the whites, their mentality and their drive to bridge that gap. I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy recently and the amount of surgical procedures that exist today are a testament to that fact. These guys just won’t take no for an answer, they keep probing and prodding, looking for ways to improve quality of life. So much so they are dubbed as playing God. But then the Bible says that “ye are gods” and it’s about time we start acting like it. The thing about gods is their ability to create; their ability to make something out of nothing.

This I say to you, you are ‘here’, and you want to get ‘there’, first you have to take responsibility. First law of Physics states that “an object in a state of rest will remain perpetually at rest unless an external force is applied; and an object in motion will perpetually remain in motion until an external force is applied” and this also applies in nature. Define your ‘there’ and find a way to get there from here. You can do it. Whatever it is that you want; you can do it. Just make sure your head is in the right place and your motives are right. The responsibility part is where you figure out how; create a roadmap, what are the things you need to be, to get to where you want to be or to get the things you want. The longer you dwell on these things, the more you see how it can be done; you need to be in unstoppable motion.

The critical thing is that you never say it can’t be done or it’s impossible or anything like that. You find not a way to do it, but at least 5! Each one better than the last, you then take the cost-benefit ratio and risk-benefit ratio of each one and start with the better option.

If we ask the right questions, the answers will reveal themselves,

If we dare to dream, the future is ours to create,

If we sit and think, our path will be clear as day,

If we take responsibility and immediate action, we’ll be there in no time.

Utopia awaits, utopia beckons,

Let’s recreate our reality, till things become ideal.

I remain @OverlordNoni


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