From the Movies: In the know
I started watching a new series last year, maybe not technically new but it’s certainly new to me. It’s called White Collar and it’s awesome by every standard of the word. The plot is interesting and ever changing which keeps you captivated. They have good writers too, I proudly recommend it. Anyway, the story is about a guy – Neal Caffrey who is an art thief, forger and professional con man. He had a successful career until he was caught by an FBI agent called Peter Burke who heads the New York White Collar division of the FBI. He was sent to jail but he negotiated an arrangement which got him released under the care of Agent Burke as a confidential Informant. In order to keep him in check, a GPS locator was placed on his ankle and he was given a radius of just two miles, anything outside that and he triggers an alarm. Neal and Agent Burke now work as together in solving criminal cases for the duration of his sentence. Together, their case completion rates were in the 90s, meaning they were able to solve about 90% of the cases that was brought to their desk. They were better than most of the other case agents and this was not because Agent Peter Burke was so bad ass; this was simply because he had a criminal – Neal on his team.
What made Neal such an asset was that he was in the know. You know how they say in order to catch a rat; you have to think like one. This was a perfect example; Neal knew everything to know about almost all the cons that came to their desk because in the duration of his career, he had performed almost every one of them at one time or the other so he used this knowledge to now catch the bad guys. This is one of those moments where you detest the act but praise the genius behind it. While this piece in no way supports or advises cons, one must learn from these acts and use them properly.
The secret to their success was the wealth of knowledge that Neal had about pretty much everything. When robbing a bank, you have to take all the details into consideration, know everything about the bank vault, security guards, important members of staff, bank managers and every person that could interfere with the success or failure of the mission. What really amazed me was that he could tell how secure a bank was just by looking at a picture of the lobby. The way the guards are positioned, the position of the cameras and stuffs like that, he even knew which bank had what vault and which way to break into each one. In essence, he was so in the know; he was prepared for any eventuality. He knew who ran what, who controlled where, how long does it take the police to respond after the alarm had been triggered, all this information he knew and used to his advantage which is why he was so successful, both as a criminal and when working for the FBI.
How that concerns you, you may ask. Success is a product of a system, i.e. it has principles and whoever knows those principles is in control of the system. That person would command successful result 90% of the time. If I know how you think, I can control our conversation because I know what you’d say and what you like to hear. I’ll just keep pulling you along; it’s the same with any field at all. The best doctors are those who have all the knowledge needed – either medically or surgically to save lives. The best programmers are those who have the knowledge of all the programming languages, the best pharmacist is the most informed on everything concerning drugs, the best actors are those who are able to immerse themselves in their assigned roles completely and do the characters justice and to do that they must first know their character well, etc.
So in whatever it is that you have found yourself and want to be the best in, I beseech you to take the pursuit of knowledge serious, because it’s the knowledge you have that will give you that extra oomph ahead of your competitors. Being aware of all the different types of procedures involved in producing a product for instance gives you the advantage of being able to choose the method that best minimizes cost and maximise profit, gets things done faster without tampering (or even enhancing) quality. That way, customers will patronise you more than the others who just do theirs the same old way. Knowing everything also arms you with the power of creation, it gives you a bird eye view of how best to do things. It’s like this; you can’t know the shortest cut between two locations unless you know the layout of the entire town.
As a student, it’s not enough to know your books, you need to also know what the lecturer likes to see, know what he expects to see in your answer script and give it to him/her ‘as e dey hot’, you’d see an increase in your grades immediately. Some lecturers want you to write in copious amounts even if you’re writing crap while some others want you to go straight to the point without wasting their time. Some lecturers want you to give them exactly what they gave you in their lecture notes while for others if you don’t put something extra, you’d never get more than average. This knowledge might be the difference between 50 and 70 marks, between a measly 3points and a robust 7points.
If you face everything in your life with deliberate intent, you’d see that the part of our lives that fate controls is very minimal. You can guarantee results 90% of the time if you have the power that knowledge supplies. For instance, you want to woo a girl and you know nothing about her, it’ll be difficult to impossible to wow her or even to impress her at all. But if you come armed with basic knowledge about her and her interests, you’d play to her vanity and before you know it, she won’t be able to stop thinking about you because you’re so thoughtful and awesome. The other guys who don’t put effort into knowing the person of interest before jumping in will look at you as if you use Jazz or something like that. If you practice this, you’ll almost certainly get any girl you want just by giving her what she wants which you would know if you did your research properly.
Are you trying to lose weight? What have you been doing? Jogging or you’ve registered to a gym, eating in reduced amounts or eating certain foods more or less? Has it been successful at all? Do you even know why it has been failing? Do you know that there are better ways of losing weight that doesn’t have you miserable all the time? Do you even know how you actually got the weight in the first place? If you make your research well, not from fashion magazines but from scientific authors, you’d discover ways of losing weight that are easier on you and your body. Do you know that some people, no matter what they do or don’t do will never get fat and some can never get lean? It’s all about what you know really.
My advice to you is – Get in the know and see your life change drastically as your mentality is changed by the power knowledge brings.
I remain @Overlordnoni

In The Know

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As the days slowly count down
I realize the month is winding down
And still i’m here; among the living
Blood still flows in my veins and i’m a-breathing

I’ve seen no less than four people die at work
If they’d seen it coming, they’d probably have ducked
But no they didn’t. They couldn’t ‘cos they can’t.
No one can ‘cos we’re human like that

But above us is a God who cares
For us, through it all, He’s always there
Things we see and those we see not
The arrows He blocked & those He prevented from being shot

Our worthiness is always in contention
His faithfulness on the other hand, never in doubt
In all of our coming in and going out
Praised be God for his blessed perfection

Grateful i am to the God on high
As days pass, please draw me nigh
Let my heart be attuned to thee
And your peace be mine as i look only to thee

For the year is young and full of promise
Be it unto me according to your word & prophecies
That i might be glad and sing your praises
Everyday, all year long as time slowly passes

© 2014
I am @Overlordnoni

Grateful Psalm

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Hey fellas, it’s been a while. And I know I’ve been slacking sorta but I can explain. I’m working as the editor of LiveWire magazine and we publish weekly so my attention has been kinda tilted wayyy in that direction. Anyway, Happy New Year to you guys and welcome to my first blog post for 2014. It’s inspired by a post I read on Dan Rockwell ‘s blog

Anyways, here it is. 2014 will be the year of the Deliberate. That much I can tell u now. Read, drop your comments and do share.


Ring the bell!!! It’s the New Year, she has arrived again as is her annual custom. Her unending journey through the tapestry of time has brought her once again to our shores. We are happy, we are glad! Such is the mood whenever she comes around that even before she comes, many take time to look through their lives and decide on things to change so that by the next time the New Year comes again, they would be more successful and be at a better position than we were last time. Whether this actually works is yet to be verified but it makes some logical sense considering. Some have decided to call it New Year Resolutions and the name stuck. It certainly makes sense to want to impress the next year by being better than when she came last.
People write long lists and paste them all around the house where they can easily see it and be reminded of the things they have resolved to do this year. With time it was realised that the long list was hardly completely taken care of by the time the New Year returns. People decided to reduce the list only for them to discover that they more or less successfully do the same proportions year-in-year-out. “This method does not work” they say, we’ll freestyle this year and see how it goes. The New Year arrives and there still isn’t much of a difference in their lives, some were even worse than when they started. Something was missing! What it was and where to find it was as well hidden.
I won’t claim to have found ‘it’, but what I have is a better idea in that it’s not cumbersome in execution, it doesn’t require any form of complicated series of plans for you to make sense out of it. It is as simple as ABC. Don’t make resolutions, find a word! I got this from Dan Rockwell’s leadership blog and it does make sense. You’ve made resolutions and they didn’t really work so why not try something new. Something that could potentially change your life isn’t something you trifle with; you grab it with both hands and use it maximally. That’s what distinguishes outstanding successes and austere mediocrities.
If you take time to think, or if you have adequate situational awareness, you would have something you want to do, stop or change this year. There would be a way you want to reinvent yourself. Once you’ve found that, you’re halfway there. The second step is to take your time and think of a word that permeates as much of the things you’d like to get done as possible. One word that if done right will be the first domino chip that sets the ball rolling.

Do you have anger issues and want them fixed this year? Do you have the desire to drop a few dress sizes this year? Do you have a problem focusing and getting things done this year? You catch my drift… one word! Choose one word that embodies the essence of life for 2014 and let it speak to you everywhere you go. The possibilities are endless. People have chosen; love, discipline, rest, integrity, smile, finish, kindness, joy, patience etc.
To choose your word, look in by finding silence and ask yourself three questions
What do I need?
What’s in my way?
What needs to go?
After this, you need to find your why “The why is always more important than the ‘what’”. The second step is to look up asking God for your word and listening. Don’t stress about your word, receive it from your maker. The third step is by living out your word everywhere you go.
Here are some suggestions for maintaining focus on your word.
Write down your word and post it in prominent places
Create a screensaver with your word
Take a picture of your word and save it on your Smartphone
Keep a One Word journal
Look for sayings and quotes that relate to your word
Find a song that reminds you of your word and put it on all your playlists
Get a removable tattoo of your word.
Like I said, I’m not saying this is ‘it’ but it certainly makes sense and is worth trying. I will and I advise you to join me. When I get my word, I will write about it here and you’d drop yours too. I have been getting a great vibe since we entered 2014; I have a feeling that this year will be a great one, a year for the deliberate. You can’t jonze through this one. Get on the successful bandwagon! This year, we’re going for it! Don’t just read and forget this, take the next step and we’ll all be better for it.
I remain @OverlordNoni

Don’t Make A Resolution, Find A Word!


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Yesterday was my birthday…. I’m now twenty something years old. Last year i was twenty somtin years old. So nothing has changed really. Anywhoo…. Todays piece i started a long time ago (the amount of unfinished poems i have ehn…), i was flipping through my notes and completed the poem today.


Mind not life and its inconsistencies.
We humans and our unique idiosyncracies.
Our actions and unavoidable consequences.
An inevitable end – The sum of our existence.

Tear a page from the book of the ages.
Look through it and say what you see.
Glean the acquired wisdom of the ages.
See what was, what is and what is going to be.

Many reasons abound to err.
But it takes just one to be steadfast.
Just one reason for your lines to be cast.
And to the port of good hope, your life steer.

A thousand and one reasons not to love.
To hate, be mean, be angry and be sad.
Just look around and you’d get enough.
Alter your view and you’ll yet see, its not all bad.

For right in there exists The One.
The one reason to be happy nonetheless.
To live, to love and to be all but none.
To stand in the face of doubt and believe. Nevertheless!

Just one reason is all it takes.
To break bounds and set the pace.
To rise up again after you fail.
Find that one reason and power your quest.

The quest to live and be happy.
To succeed and make your mark on Time’s sands.
To leave and the world would know you came.
To die here and still live forever.

Whatever your quest is, you need just that one reason, find it and use it to succeed.

I remain @OverlordNoni

Just One


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I wrote this in church since Sunday but for reasons i dont know, i’m just posting it now.

O what awesome marvel.
Yet another mystery to unravel.
“While yet sinners, He loved us”.
Our then status: Disconnected from Source!

Lack of connection nonetheless.
His love waxed stronger and never less.
Ever reaching out to our lost souls.
Wanting… O needing to make us whole.

We are nothing apart from Him.
A drying up, source deserted stream.
Considering predestination and a plan for reconciliation.
It must break His heart to watch us working towards damnation.

His plans for us now and hereafter remain sure.
Who shall climb His hill but those whose hearts are pure.
Who shall reign with Him in the end?
But those who he has heartily called Friends.

Friends dont repeatedly nail each other to the cross.
Neithe betray one the other at a coin’s toss.
So stop and think of the consequences.
Of disregarding One-so-powerful’s advances.

His love is eternal, His wrath infernal.
Open up to His embrace, so paternal.
It is a journey whose end you wont regret.
But one you’d gleefully like a child ask “Are we there yet?”.

You and Christ 365 days, twenty four Seven.
This match was made in heaven.
Dont throw away your return ticket.
Dont get caught in earth’s thicket.

Many times, my poems are God’s way of speaking to me. I mean many of my poems are about me, about what God wants from me at the time, and sometimes for the future. And as we are partners in growth, i share them as e dey Hot. So lets heed this reminder and watch our lives. Lets not allow the world rob us of Heaven, God on ourside, we shall prevail.

Stay Blessed!

I remain @OverlordNoni

Yet Another Mystery


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If the subject of hate were so easy.
I’d stand in the spirit and shout it loud.
“Not-so-dear Flesh, hate me please”.
Your love of me has profited me naught.
But continously has wedged me and my Father apart.

Too bad i find myself loving you back.
Instead of loving the One who despite my sins loved me first.
Today, right now, i speak the truth.
Putting the devil to shame.
And his plans for me i openly decry.

I am for God, so its high time you hated me.
I wont pick your calls no more.
Cos i’d be busy going about my father’s business.
And here, We dont mix business with pleasure.
Scratch that…pleasure’s definition for me has changed.
It is now doing nothing but The Father’s Will.

My Father has revealed to me your many deceptions.
And i really am pissed at me for it.
Falling for your sweet temptations and nothings.
When i should have clung dearly to my saviour’s strength.
So i’m asking you politely to hate me.
Hate me! Cos thats the only thing you deserve from me.


Thats my state of mind at the moment. May not be immaculate…but its true.

I remain @OverlordNoni

thank you for reading

Hate Me Please.


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This Piece is for every creative person out there. I’d like to believe we all are, but some more than the others. Therefore, if you find yourself among the gifted ones, make good use of God’s gift to you. Light up the World with it!


Pointless pieces of information.
Meant to mislead the unwary.
Potentially into perpetual misery.
Perpetrated by masters of deception.

Aura of silence, permeating everything.
Insiduous gloom potentially life-threatening.
The result of continous pummelling of creative senses.
Nipping at the bud all such advances.

Unbeknown of its essence.
They chip at it until it’s stifled.
And Dead! As by a sniper rifled.
What would have been pivotal to outstanding success.

Don’t do this or that they say.
What do you want people to say?
When you grow up, you’ll see.
That all these are meant to favour thee.

Its too risky, dont throw your life away.
Listen to the words the elders say.
If you want a real life, get a real job.
Forgetting that the collar chokes as that of a dog.

Embrace your creativity, let it shine.
Don’t let others dictate the use of what’s thine.
On the wings of limitless success you’re meant to climb.
Dont throw it all away on a dime.

Lies that’ll take you off your way.
Listen not to their alluring sway.

For you are a light that must shine.
Therefore SHINE ON!!!

I for one believe that God makes no mistakes (Durhhh, He is God), and that there indeed is a design to your make. You didnt just haphazardly end up with that beautiful voice, lyrical mastery, artistic eye, creative hands, creative mind, a badass wordsmith, writer, poet, theatre artist, screen artist, creative arts and crafts….the avenues to let out creativity are really limitless and whichever one you have resident in you, you owe if First to God who put it in to let it come out, Secondly to yourself to be All you can be and Thirdly to the society… We could use more real role models around here(not the Kardashians of this world)…if you think the world is twisted right now, wait for 10years and you’ll really see what twisted is, so we really need to step up, connect with the source(God in whatever language) and start some good vibes. I’m eternally optimistic that we can do some….alot of good this way.

Thank you for reading.

I remain @OverlordNoni

Time to Shine!


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